Work Accident Claim Centre Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the obligations of the website, the website's operators and the website's users. This policy also sets out the ways that the website processes and stores user data and user information.

The website

This website complies with UK national laws and requirements regarding the privacy of its users. The website's operators take user privacy seriously and ensure that necessary action is taken to protect this data.


If you decide to contact this website or the website's operators, you do so at your own discretion. Personal information is provided at the user's own risk, and is kept private and securely stored, as required by the Data Protection Act 1998. Precautions are taken to ensure that email, forms and form submission processes are safe and secure to use.

Information sent to the website's operators is used to provide further information about the services offered by the website, and/or to answer any questions you may have asked. If requested, this information may also be used to subscribe the user to the website's email newsletter or other services. Information will only be used for this purpose if explicit permission has been given by the user.

Users' details are not passed to third parties, excepting when it is necessary to do so to fulfill the service requested by the user.

Links to external content

Links to external websites should be used with caution.

Effort has been taken to ensure that the Work Accident Claim Centre website links only to useful, relevant external content that is safe to use, however, the website's operators cannot guarantee the contents of external websites. External links are clicked on at the user's own risk, and the operators and owners or cannot be held liable for damages or implications of using external links.

The website may include adverts and sponsored links. These paid links will generally be served through advertising partners, who will have their own privacy policies governing their use of personal data.

Clicking on sponsored links or adverts may send you to an advertisers website through a referral programme. This may involve the use of tracking cookies. Sponsored links and adverts should be used at the user's own risk, and the Work Accident Claim Centre website is not liable for any damages or implications of using these links.

Social Media

Engagement and communication with the Work Accident Claim Centre website and its operators taken through external social media websites, apps, widgets and tools will be subject to the privacy policy and other policies and terms of use of the social media platform in question.

Users are recommended to use caution when interacting with social media platforms. The Work Accident Claim Centre will never ask for sensitive information through social media platforms.

Share buttons and social media widgets that may be included on this website should be used at the user's discretion, and at their own risk.

Cookies and the Work Accident Claim Centre website

Cookies are used on many websites to give users a better and more consistent experience.

Cookies are small files saved to a user's computer that save and store information about interactions and usage of a website.

You can disable and delete any and all stored cookies on your computer.

For more information, read our Cookie Policy.


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